Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grebeshkov Sits

It appears that Denis Grebeshkov was singled out of the Oilers line-up for their losing streak on Monday night, as he was scratched for the big battle against the Flames. In his last five games with the Oilers, he has been held pointless and has a plus/minus rating of -3, including two games of -2. His minutes had not diminished in those five games, but he hasn't done much with his minutes.

Of course, the scratch didn't help the Oilers at all, dropping their seventh straight loss to the Flames, 4-1.

ImplicationsGrebeshkov is one of the better defensemen for Dale C., but that isn't saying too much, as Dale has the 16th ranked defensemen team in the pool this year. Grebeshkov only has 10 points and he's the 2nd best player in that foursome. He's certainly not a pillar of strength on that pool team.

Grebeshkov is a member of Box 13 in the Sheet pool and he was taken six times this season. His 10 points puts him in the middle of the box, trailing leader, Brent Seabrook, by 6 points for the box lead in scoring. This probably isn't trade worthy, but that's up to you.

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