Friday, December 18, 2009

Zetterberg Out Two Weeks

A devastating hit by the Lightning's Mattias Ohlund on fellow countryman, Henrik Zetterberg, has now reportedly caused a slight shoulder separation, which will cause the Red Wings forward to miss out on two weeks of action. I have included some video evidence of the clean hit, because it's a great hit, but the Red Wings fall a little bit deeper in the hole, when it comes to their injury list.

Zetterberg has been having a pretty decent season, but by no means a great year. He has 10 goals and 22 assists in 34 games this year, which is just under the point-per-game average that most superstars are after and he only has a +/- rating of +5, which is a fair bit under some of his regular numbers.

ImplicationsTwo weeks isn't a huge hit to the season, but as mentioned in the Rangers post below, Trevor is in need of some help. Zetterberg is a Draft pick of Trevor's and will miss out on a little more scoring for a little whie.

Zetterberg has six selections in Box 2 of the Sheet, so he might see a quick switch, especially with the likes of Dany Heatley in the box, who is scoring at the moment. That is a solid recommendation for those who haven't made the switch yet.

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