Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Undisclosed Reason for Goligoski

The injury situation with the Pittsburgh Penguins has been anything but good times, especially on the blueline. Alex Goligoski is a perfect example of that, having been out of the line-up once already, he is currently out again, after missin Monday night's contest against the Rangers. The report out of Penguins' camp is that the injury is not considered serious and that he should be considered day-to-day for now.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Goligoski is a part of Ryan's team, which is currently sitting in 2nd place in the standings, thanks in part to Goligoski's 16 points, which leads all of Ryan's blueliners in scoring. This could be a pretty substantial hit, if the defenseman is out for the long-term.

Goligoski was also taken 6 times in the Sheet pool, as a member of Box 28. He currently ranks second to Atlanta's Tobias Enstrom in the box scoring, so if you were not absolutely certain on Goligoski, that's who you would move to.

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