Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Avery Agitates in Dallas

The Dallas Stars had yet to make a big splash in the free agent pool since noon ET yesterday, but they managed to snake a snake out of the grass and into their stable. Sean Avery signed a 4-year, $15.5 million deal on Wednesday with the Texas club and he'll bring his antics and 20-goal scoring ability to the Big D.

Last season, Avery only managed to play in 57 games for the Rangers, thanks to injuries. In those 57 games, he did manage to tally 15 goals and 18 points for 33 points, but the thinking going forward is that he can score 20 goals and provide a little more offense, if he's healthy. His antics that throw off the opposition are also very valuable and are likely the key reasons why his payscale doubled between the Rangers and Stars.

Mike RibeiroSergei ZubovMarty Turco
Brendan MorrowStephane Robidas
Brad RichardsMatt Niskanen
Mike ModanoTrevor Daley
Jere LehtinenPhillipe Boucher
Sean AveryNiklas Grossman
Loui Eriksson
Steve Ott
Joel Lundqvist

With the signing of Avery to a $3.87 million a year deal, the Stars also join the already over $50 million club and their club has only 16 active skaters signed. Their approximate figure now stands at $51.1 million, which leaves only $5.6 million to fit in 7 more active players, which of course could be filled by minor league or prospect players. It does beg the question, who could possibly be dealt from the table above, but a name like Phillipe Boucher does come to mind or possibly Stephane Robidas.

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