Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thrashers Sign Lehtonen

The Atlanta Thrashers locked up their number one goalie for the coming year, signing Kari Lehtonen to a 1-year deal, but financial terms were not disclosed.

thrashersLehtonen, 24, only managed to win 17 games for the Thrashers, since he missed 16 games due to a groin injury and spent some time in the minors to rehab the injury. Out of his 17 wins, there were 4 shutouts and he had an assist for 44 pool points, which left him in the top 200. Lehtonen also finished third in team pool scoring in Atlanta, behind Kovalchuk and Eric Perrin.

His knock is his health, but he has managed to stay in the top 200 in pool scoring over the last three seasons, topping out in 45th in the 2007 season. He is quite the gamble for big pool production, but one almost worth taking.

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