Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Murray Waived by Boston

Once a proud fixture in many hockey pool teams, Glen Murray has got no love left in Beantown, as the Bruins have placed the 35-year old winger on waivers. With all the signings this summer in Boston, the salary cap number has gotten shockingly large and moves will have to be made to free up space to fill up the remaining spots on the roster.

Murray finished last season, playing only 63 games and registering a paltry 30 points (17G, 13A). He had suffered from a hip flexor injury, which caused him to miss 19 games at the beginning of the calendar year and could possibly be the reason why his production has dropped off in the past couple seasons. In the 2002/'03 season, Murray finished 11th in the Sherpa's pool rankings, but this past season, he finished 279th and it was a diminishing ranking as the years went by through those year.

Murray is also scheduled to be a $4.15 million salary cap hit for the Bruins, who are already hitting the $56.7 million cap ceiling with 22 players.

Although there isn't really a free agent on the market to sign in the neighbourhood of $2 or $3 million, a cap opening of $4 million will be helpful when it comes time for the trade deadline in Boston.

It doesn't come as a surprise that no team wants to trade for Murray for his price tag and his injury & production concerns, but there are a few teams still sitting below the cap floor of $40.7 million. A return to Los Angeles could be a likely landing ground for Murray, as they are well short of the cap floor and could use a veteran body for their youth in camp this Fall.

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