Sunday, July 27, 2008

Morrisonn Arbitration Awarded

The Capitals and defenseman, Shaone Morrisonn, went to arbitration in the week and the 25-year old defender was awarded a 1-year deal that is worth $1.975 million.

Morrisonn played in 76 games for the Capitals last season, scoring a goal and added 9 assists for 10 points. His career-high in points is only 14 points and there isn't much potential to be better than that offensively, but his real pool value can come from the penalty box. He was only penalized for 63 minutes last season, but he has hit triple-digits before, notching 106 minutes in 2006/'07.

The signing of Morrisonn now brings the team to 22 players returning to the line-up, but the salary cap hit is larger than the limit at the moment. The salary cap number now sits at $57.5 million, $800,000 more than the salary cap ceiling.

Movements will have to be made to rectify the situation...

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